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Danny & Dakota

Danny & Dakota are lively, beautiful bays of Percheron/Belgian cross. You may wish to consider this stunning pair on our black vis-a-vis or our surry-top wagonette for your formal wedding! Danny, a particularly fancy mover, is also used as a single horse as well.




Gillette is our official "Baraat" horse, under saddle or on a carriage. He is pure white, elegant, and very, very quiet, completely accustomed to the loud drumming and boisterous activity of this East Indian wedding ceremony. He is shown here under saddle in traditional costume, with umbrella. Click on the link below for more information about our BARAAT HORSES services, and to see videos of typical Baraat ceremonies.


See pictures of Gillette, Duke & Diesel in the 2010 Macy's Day Parade with Joan & Melissa Rivers HERE.



Diesel is hands down our hardest working, most trustworthy horse in any situation — and one of our most beautiful as well! Diesel may be used single (shown here on our white vis-a-vis) or paired with another horse, usually with Dolly for a striking salt & pepper team, or with Diamond for a white team. You can't ask for a better horse for your wedding carriage!


See pictures of Gillette, Duke & Diesel in the 2010 Macy's Day Parade with Joan & Melissa Rivers HERE.

Dolly Percheron


Dolly, our black Percheron mare, is happy to work single or paired with Diesel or any of our other horses. She looks stunning on our white vis-a-vis or Cinderella carriage, and makes a statement on our black vis-a-vis for a very formal look. She is a quiet, personable horse for any occasion!

Diamond & Diesel - Percherons


Diamond is our newest Percheron. He is quiet and trustworthy paired with Diesel, or driven single - either way, he has proven himself to be an excellent and beautiful carriage horse! Diamond and Diesel are the perfect "white" pair on any carriage or wagon, for any event - elegant weddings, fanciful quinceanneras, community wagon rides and parades.

SPony train ponies

Skittles & Buttercup

Skittles is our appaloosa pony, and Buttercup is our pinto pony. These adorable, well mannered ponies are any little girl or boy's dream of what a pony should be! Flashy, sweet natured, and cute as buttons, they are the "locomotive" for our pony train, or work both as a pair or singly on a cart or buckboard for birthday parties and other events!

Six Abreast Horses

Lincoln, Danny, Dakota, Duke, Diesel & Gillette

Plowing the fields, six-abreast. Our horses are available for logging, plowing and other farm work. See our CARRIAGES AND SLEIGHS page for more information about our horse drawn farm equipment for demonstration and field work purposes.

Duke & Diesel

In Loving Memory: Duke

March 12, 2011

Undoubtably our most famous, and beloved, team of horses was tragically lost to us on March 12, 2011, with the passing of Diesel's half brother, Duke (left). This was our most popular team by far, being well known for their appearence and participation in numerous high profile events, film and television documentaries. On a personal note, Duke was arguably our favorite horse in terms of personality. Words can not express how much this farm misses him, and consequently the incredible team known as Duke & Diesel.

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